Frequently Asked Questions

How do I qualify for the US championships? Answer: Be within the top 252 in my division in points

Can I enter without a membership? Answer: To enter Mobetta Sanctioned Events you will need to purchase a yearly membership to the tour. 

Do I need a GHIN/Grint number to play? Yes. Mobetta Golf requires all of their members/players to hold a World Handicap Index Number to be eligible to play in our tournaments. We use this number to verify your player handicap as well as place you in the correct Flight Division.

Why do I need a handicap? Answer: tournaments are flighted into handicap divisions. Tournaments are played on a gross scoring model so you’ll be playing equal caliber players in your division.

  • Division A UP TO 3.9
  • Division B 4-6.9
  • Division C 7-9.9
  • Division D 10-12.9
  • Division E 13-15.99
  • Division EE 16 and UP

Are pros allowed to play? Answer: Yes! They will be playing in the A division.

How many strokes do I get? Answer: Mobetta golf tournaments are played in flighted divisions based on your World Handicap Index. We play a Gross Scoring Stroke Play tournament. No Strokes are awarded even if you have a high handicap in gross scoring format.

Will John be at any of the tournaments? Answer: John’s time will be limited due to his PGA commitments, but he will attend tournaments convenient to his schedule. He has currently committed to being in Nashville for the John Daly Birthday Bash.

How many tournaments do you have to enter to be qualified for the US championship? Answer: You must play in at least 3 tournaments and be in the top 72 players in your division to be invited to the Mobetta US Championship.

How much does it cost to enter tournaments? Answer: Most of our tournaments will be 250 to 350 dollars to enter.

How do you prevent sandbaggers from playing? We will use your GHIN score and it will be updated daily. We will have a rules official at every event to enforce the rules of the game. We will have rules in place to prevent a player from scoring outside of their handicap margins.

How many places will be paid at tournaments? Answer: We will pay out 10 spots for events with 72 players in your division. The total purse and the paid spots depend on the number of entries.

  • 25 ENTRIES (or less) 4 PAID
  • 26-45 ENTRIES 6 PAID
  • 46-60 ENTRIES 8 PAID
  • 61-72 ENTRIES 10 PAID

Can I play with a buddy? Answer: Absolutely! We encourage players to play with their buddies. You will not be allowed to keep each other’s scores to protect the integrity of the game.

What does the membership include? Answer: 3 things... A retail Mobetta package, the ability to enter any and all tournaments and discounts from all of our retail and corporate partners. Discount codes will be found in the member's login area.

When are the practice rounds? Answer: Currently due to the course cost, high numbers of golf rounds being played, and Course availabilities, Mo Betta Golf Tournaments do not include a practice round. A Vast number of our courses have offers for players to come in before an event at their own leisure to play a practice round at their expense and some at a discounted rate.

Where will the tournaments take place? Answer: Our events will take place at golf courses in 8 states during the 2022 season, with the Mobetta US Championship being held in Las Vegas in October.

Who can enter? Answer: Anyone with an established GHIN score that fits into our Division parameters.

Can women enter tournaments? Answer: Yes! We encourage women to sign up and play alongside the men. Women will use women’s tees.

Will you lose your amateur status if you play in a Mobetta Golf Event? Answer: NO. As long as your predestination is a PGA-approved charity to donate your earnings to. You should consult the USGA and your tax attorney for more details. We encourage you to donate to John’s Heart of a Lion Foundation.

What about weather cancellations? Answer: Since we are a competitive event paying money, our agreement with all golf courses states “ That every player will play a minimum of 9 holes to be considered a completed event, in the event that all players entered in the tournament do not complete 9 holes, the tournament will be replayed on a rescheduled date.”

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