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Join the Mobetta Golf Tour to Win Cash!

The Mobetta Golf Tour is designed to give golfers of ALL LEVELS the chance to compete for Cash. Our tournaments are set up to have low entry fees and high payouts. The number of players in each tournament will determine how many players get paid. Our goal of 72 players per tournament will pay out the top 10 places.

All golfers will be required to purchase a yearly membership Card for $150 per year and can play in all sanctioned events including the Mobetta Golf US Championship in Las Vegas. Players will also pay a fee for each tournament they enter. All membership and tournament fees will be taken online through our website. Once entered into a tournament, we will send you the course pairings and each individual golf club will manage the tournament. The hosting club will have a Mobetta assigned representative on-site to verify all rules and regulations. It is our utmost priority to keep the integrity of play at the highest level.

We believe competition supports more time on the course and more time at the driving range. Our two main goals are to grow the sport of golf and grow the prize money for each event.

We are the only National Tour to use Handicap Divisions!

We have 6 divisions of play based on your GHIN score. This will make our events highly competitive and allow every player the chance to place in each flight.

Division A UP to 3.99
Division B 4.0 to 6.99
Division C 7.0 to 9.9
Division D 10 to 12.9
Division E 13 to 15.99
Division EE 16 and UP

Division Assignment ( A, B, C, D, E, EE ) will be determined using your GHIN score one week (7 days) before each event. At that time, we will run all the GHIN numbers to determine flights and pairings for the group and individual play.  

Divisions A, B, C, D, E, and EE will play from 6500 to 6800 yards depending on the course. Women will play from women's tees or 5440 yards.

There will be 4 golfers in each group and they will keep one another's scores. Players can enter tournaments and play with a buddy in the same group. If you play with someone you know, we will require someone else in your group to keep your scores. We will deposit all winnings by the following Monday to the tournament winners. The Mobetta Golf Tour will be operated by the GHIN handicap system and all tournaments will count double on GHIN  score.

All scorecards will be sent to GHIN and each golfer’s handicap can be raised at any time by Mobetta Golf Handicap Committee.

The Tour Points System will determine who goes to US Championship

A member in good standing will have the opportunity to play in an unlimited number of tournaments during the current tour year. The Mobetta Golf US Championships will be determined with a point system. The top 50 players who place in a sanctioned tournament will receive points. First place will get 50 points, second will get 49, Third will get 47, etc. If you place 51st and up, you will receive no points for the event.

Example: If 72 players play in your division on the day of play, the winner will receive 50 points. The player who places 50 will receive 1 point, 22 players will receive no points. 

The top 72 players with the highest points in each division will earn the right to play in the Championship. We will keep a leader’s board posted on the Mobetta Golf Website.

home grid vegasMobetta US National Championship

Each golfer who has competed in a MINIMUM of 3 tournaments and finished in the top 72 in total points for the year, will qualify for the Mobetta Golf US Championships in Las Vegas.

The MoBetta Golf Tour
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