Player Handbook

Handicap Information for Tournament Play:

Purpose: The purpose of attaining a handicap through a Golf Club or Golf Association, licensed by the USGA, is to provide knowledge to the MoBetta Golf Tour (MBGT), about your playing ability or skill set.  This will also ensure that the MBGT member will be placed in the correct division at each event on the tour schedule.  Ultimately this will allow for a proper competition and level playing field.  Its all about the golfer and fairness!

Handicap Requirements: The amateur, male or female must attain a GHIN handicap through a USGA recognized facility.  The player must post at least (5) gross adjusted scores to be eligible to sign up for an event.  Once the (5) scores have been posted, the player will then be issued a handicap index.  The MBGT events will be divided into three divisions and the player’s handicap will determine which division they can enter.

Men and Women from Different Tees: If a woman amateur wants to become a MBGT member, she may play from the forward tees.  However, the differential will be 78-85% of the men’s tees. Depending on course difficulty and set up.  Example:  Men’s tees are 6800 yards, the forward tees for women will be; 5,440 at 80%; or 5780 at 85%. 

Posting of Scores: Each participant’s scorecard must be returned to the scoring area, signed by the player and person who attested the card.  Scorecards should not be collected until (2) signatures are compiled.  Each event will post scores immediately following completion of play by the Host Golf Professional.  A score that is shot at any MBGT event will be posted as a “T” tournament score.  MBGT must provide a list of the players name along with the GHIN number to the Host Golf Professional.   In the event that a member shoots an “exceptional tournament score”, see handicap controls for procedure.

Handicap Controls: A Handicap Committee will be created to oversee all events and to maintain the integrity of the MBGT.  The following handicap controls will be put into place to maintain a reliable and equitable handicap index.

  1. Equitable Stroke Control: is an adjustment of individual scores for handicap purposes in order to make a Handicap index more representative of a player’s potential ability. Tournament scores posted for each tournament will be gross only, but for GHIN posting a “net double bogey” according to the World Golf Handicap will be used for ESC. Please see the USGA’s website for reference.
  2. Reduction of Handicap based on Exceptional Tournament Scores: An alternate calculation to determine the handicap index will be formed if a player has two or more score differentials of 3.0 or greater than the players index.  For posting purposes, the player’s score in the tournament will be doubled by the MBGT Handicap Committee.
  3. Penalty Score: Will be posted by the Host Golf Professional if a player does not return a tournament score. This will be based on the division in which the player has played in.
  4. Disqualification for Winners: If a player’s handicap has dropped 2.0 points or more the day after the event, the player will be disqualified for the win and will not be paid.  No exceptions. 

Unacceptable Scores: The following is a list of scores that will not be accepted for posting of scores:

  1. Fewer than 7 holes are played.
  2. When a player uses non-conforming clubs, non-conforming balls, or non-conforming tees.
  3. When an artificial device or unusual equipment is used during the execution of a stroke or when equipment is used in an unusual manner during the execution of a stroke.

Handicap Committee: The Handicap Committee will verify that the Host Golf Professional is posting all scores.  The Handicap Committee will maintain the records of each member; old or new.  Any disputes or discrepancies will be taken care of immediately and any actions will be decided before any payments are given.

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